SUNY New Paltz Alternative Spring Break ~ A week of leadership, teambuilding, and making a difference in the community through volunteerism

Meet your ASB 2018 mentors!

on November 9, 2017


Jackie Rankel
ASB 2017 participant/intern
Class of 2020
Double Major-
Psychology and Sociology


“I would describe Alternative Spring Break as a life changing experience. Our group may not be large, but our diversity and individual characteristics make us larger than life. The program itself is what you make of it, If you give it your all and put yourself out there, you’re going to take so much away and you will leaving having grown, whether you notice it or not. As a mentor, I want to help others find their place or where they belong, and create the passion for community that my mentors made me feel.”


Narelys Chum (right)
ASB 2017 participant
Class of 2020
Sociology/Human Services Major

“I’ve learned that, in service, we learn that there is more to life than our lives, and we learned how to make a direct impact and difference within our neighborhood. The motto for Alternative Spring Break is “give where you live’ because the difference needs to be made here, and that’s exactly what we do. This program honestly changed my life and I use what I learned every day. Service isn’t always doing something so you can feel good, it’s about doing what’s right and making a difference in our community.”


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