SUNY New Paltz Alternative Spring Break ~ A week of leadership, teambuilding, and making a difference in the community through volunteerism

Meet the 2016 ASB Mentors


Sophomore, Management & Marketing

“(ASB is) one of the greatest weeks of your life! You get to learn and experience so many things. You become more aware of the world around you. One of the things is that you meet like-minded people; some that have actually done many volunteer services before that will open up the community of service around you. This is a great place to get started in volunteering as a student, as well as a great way to develop leadership ad teamwork skills that will take you through your professional life.”


Sophomore, Graphic Design

“ASB is awesome. It’s a program that is way more than its description. Our group focuses on volunteering and the community, but there is so much more to the program. If you dive in and embrace all of it, it becomes one of those corny “life changing” experiences. ASB is hard to put into words; you’ve got to experience it to really know it.”


Senior, Communication Disorders

“What I tabled for ASB at the Volunteer Fair, at first, I struggled to put the ASB experience into words. I then realized that actual words will never do this experience justice. It was the smile on my face, the extreme excitement in my voice, and the glow in my eyes that expressed just how much this program impacted me, and continues to impact me every day. I always tell others ‘Do it! You won’t regret this unforgettable experience. Take my word for it.'”

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